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Workshops from Delsie Dances | Persian-Iranian Dance Instruction

Movement and Dance

"Stay close to anything that makes you feel alive." 


With over 20 years experience as an educator, Delsie is engaging and is gifted at teaching beginner-friendly dance lessons for audiences from 20 to 400+. Special workshops and breakout sessions are Delsie's specialty for dance students of all ages from kids to adults and from beginner to advanced.


Delsie has experience as a guest dance instructor at university dance programs, performed as a key note speaker with integrated dance at high schools and offered enrichment programs for elementary school students introducing them to Persian-Iranian dance and culture through interactive programming.

Workshop Schedule

Please check our Instagram and Facebook accounts for upcoming workshops in your area.

Movement and Flow Workshops
for Yoga Studios, Private & Corporate Retreats

Movement and Connection with Persian Flow

Using breath, personal intentions and Persian-Iranian dance as a foundation, this fluid movement experience will leave you feeling relaxed and more connected to yourself. Enjoy the soulful effects of traditional Iranian music, a beautiful combination of melodies, rhythms and voice in the Persian language. Conclude the experience with Hafez's poetry, igniting inspiration and fostering deep inner contemplation.

Students engage in movements and mindful breathing, fostering a sense of attunement with their bodies and breath. As the session progresses, this foundation deepens through movements rooted in Persian dance that cultivate awareness and connection with the inner self. As the session draws to a close, each participant selects a piece of Hafez poetry, known as "Fal-e Hafez" in Farsi. Through contemplation and interpretation, these interpreted verses are an opportunity for inner reflection. By the end, a collective sense of centeredness and embodiment permeates the space, leaving participants grounded and connected both within themselves and with one another. 


While some dance movements will be introduced, this is not a "dance class". This is a low-impact class that will definitely generate internal heat throughout the experience. 

Click this link to see some movements from this experience.

This workshop is available in formats between 1 and 2 hours in length. 

Delsie Dances offers workshops on demand, as well as hosting them. If you'd like to book a workshop for your organization or community, please click the button below the descriptions. 

Dance Workshops

Intro to Persian-Iranian Dance

Curious about Iranian dance? Want to add the elegant grace of this centuries old dance tradition to your dance repertoire? Looking for a low-impact and graceful way to move your body? Learn from an expert. This style is known in the west as Persian Classical Dance.

*All Levels - Beginner Friendly.

Intermediate and Advanced Level workshops also available. 

Persian-Iranian Pop or "Mehmooni" Dance

Want to shine at your next Iranian social event? Complement signature Iranian party dance moves and foot patterns to varying tempos of music and more! Experience the fun, flirty and elegant dance stylization known as "Mehmooni" style.


This workshop is offered for dance students or for private groups in preparation for a celebration or just for fun.

Host Workshops at Your Studio

Interested in Hosting Delsie for Persian-Iranian Dances at Your Studio?

Delsie is available to teach these workshops at your studio! Add some spice and a new experience for your students! 

  • Intro to Basics of Persian-Iranian Dance - traditional dance style including stylization and short combinations appropriate for new-to-Iranian dance as well as those with experience. Known in the west as Persian Classical Dance.

  • Intermediate-Advanced Level Persian-Iranian Dance - traditional dance with more challenging stylization and more challenging combinations. 

  • Movement and Connection with Persian-Iranian Flow - a movement class for those who would benefit from a deeper connection with their bodies using Iranian dance as a basis for movement. 

  • Mehmooni Style Pop Dance - a fun, flirty and elegant dance stylization for party dancing!

  • Bandari - rooted in the southern and port regions of Iran, this style has African and Arabic influence, is high energy and will keep you moving!

  • Jaheli style also known as Baba Karam has both strong masculine vibes and a fun, feminine flavor including props such as a hat and scarf and a little bit of theatrics.

  • Weekend Intensives - a combination of technique and choreography workshops combined into one intensive experience for dance students ready to dive in!

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