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Delsie Dances Gallery and Videos


Student Performances

Baba Karam Dance (Jaheli)

Baraye Dance Group Performance

Workshop/student participants learned this choreography in a single 2-hour session with a 1-hour follow-up rehearsal. 

Song: Zoghalchi by Ajam Band

Inspired by the Iranian Revolution, student participants learned this choreography in a short amount of time to perform and help amplify the voices of the brave people in Iran. 

Song: Baraye by Shervin Hajipour

Persian Kids Class Performance

Kids age 6-8 years class performance.

Class Performance Traditional & Pop

Socially distanced outdoor performance during the Pandemic.

Mother Daughter Duet

Mother Daughter Duet 2

Duet performed for virtual program during the 2020 Pandemic.

Zhaleh age 9.

Mother Daughter Duet. Zhaleh age 10.

Persian Class Performance

Beginner Persian Dance class performance. Students with less than 1 year experience in Persian/Iranian Dance.​

Delsie Performances

Nowruz Improvisation

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